Review: Vanity Planet Palette Professional Makeup Brush Collection

3:40 PM

Hey everyone!! A few months ago I bought a brush palette from a rising brand Vanity Planet, since the reviews weren't bad at all and the value was just too good to refuse. Since no one reads these useless yet unskipabble intros from a writer's point, i'll waste no more time on text that will be scrolled through and start the review right now! 

Description and Claims
If you haven't heard about this brush set yet, it is a palette that comes with 15 useful and multi-functional brushes that are great for beginners; furthermore the brushes come along with a handy pouch that will keep the brushes neatly in place when traveling. 

Key benefits of the palette (taken from VP's official site):

• Ultra-soft, premium synthetic bristles allow for smooth, controlled, and streak-free application of dry, cream, and liquid based products
It’s easy to store, so you can have your makeup arsenal ready, wherever your busy schedule takes you
• The roll-out case’s protective flap keeps your brushes clean and collected
• Sturdy, yet light, the Birchwood handles are made with a comfortable design for seemingly effortless movements
• Our brushes are cruelty free

The fact that these brushes are all cruelty free, have quality bristles and YET so cheap really boggled my mind! I couldn't refuse such offer.

These brushes originally retailed for $100 however there are tons of coupons by bloggers and you tubers that decrease that value by 70%! That makes $30 for the whole entire palette which includes 15 brushes AND a pouch, which means each brush ends up costing less than $2. LESS THAN $2 PER BRUSH! However, the shipping price was pretty expensive (I paid about $14 for it to be shipped to Portugal) but again that would depend on where you live. 


As mentioned before, this set comes with a faux leather bag that keeps the brushes neatly secured. Also, the blue box that the brushes come in is so aesthetically pleasing, just right up my alley!

Unfortunately, my pouch came with a defaulted magnetic lock, so it doesn't close as tightly as it's supposed to close. It's not big enough of a problem to send it back to the store, but it does itch my senses a little. T__T 


All the brushes come with a protective plastic on them, however only the bigger face brushes have one that is meant for permanent use.

Also, in order to help the buyers, the kit comes with an instructional leaflet suggesting how each brush should be used. Of course these brushes can be used outside of their "recommended function", use them whichever way you're most comfortable with.

(L to R)
Kabuki Brush
Powder/Blush Brush
Flat Top Stippling Brush

(L to R)
Angled Contour Brush
Liquid Foundation Brush
Large Fan Brush

(L to R)
Concealer Brush
Medium Blender Brush
Smudging Brush
Crease shader 

(L to R)
Large Domed Shader
Precision Concealer
Rounded Liner Brush
Angled Lining Brus
Lip Liner Brush with cap

To be completely honest, the most expensive brush I have is from Sephora, and I prefer these ones way better. The bristles are very soft, no shedding, and they pick up colour very effectively! There is one blush I own that needs severe brush packing in order to be visible on the cheeks, however with the Powder/Blush brush from the palette such is not needed. 

My Favourites

Powder/Blush Brush
As mentioned before, this brush picks up pigmentation very well. It is also very multi-functional, making it my favourite brush from this palette! 

Large Fan Brush
 SUPPER soft, honestly the softest brush I have ever felt. 

-Great price
-Very decent quality
-Cruelty free
-Convenient packaging
-Pretty birchwood handles

-Would prefer if the Medium Blender Brush was bigger and fluffier
-Comes with a funky smell due to the glue, but it disappears if you air it out overnight. 

Repurchase? They are great quality, so I don't think i'll need to. Recommend? YES! This is such a steal guys, and I swear i'm not being sponsored to say this! I bought this with my own money, and i'm so glad I did because it really is a bang for the buck. 

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