Happy Birthday (Jin, GD, Yongguk, Sehun and more Gif Spam)

12:08 AM

So, today's post will be a little different! Today, 3rd of June, is a very special day. A very special friend of mine turns 18 today, and this is my attempt at giving her a decent birthday present.

Funny enough, her name is also Claudia! So don't think i'm doing this for myself, i'm not that sad of a person.

Well, this girl means a lot to me, however we live far apart because we are online buddies, and therefore I cannot give her a physical gift.
HOWEVER!! I can make her a virtual gift, and now that I have a blog as my platform, I reckon I should write her a blogpost.

But you know, I could do the typical "Ever since we met....." kind of post, but i'm sure she already knows how much she means to me. So what is better than a lovey dovey text? BIASES. 

Everyone loves their kpop biases, and she is no exception. I reckon I should torture her (and please her) the best way possible, with the POWER OF KPOP! This is why I will be posting a bunch of gifs of her very own biases.

First of all, play this song!

So Claudia, I am hereby to present you the most amazing gif spam you will ever see in your life. (You might want to fully load the page first)
Hope you like it :D
None of these gif are mine, so credits to the rightful owners of these gifs. Please contact me if you want proper credit.

Saved my favourite for last:

Fim :D 

Parabéns minha querida! Tenho muita sorte de ter como amiga, e mais do que sorte, acredito que fomos destinadas. Tem um feliz aniversario! 
Also, every time you feel down or sad, I hope this post will bring a smile to your face :D I know it will~


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  1. happy birthday
    new post:http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/06/violets-are-blue.html

  2. OMG THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH, I LOVED IT, i'm going to use it a lot when i'm sad~ you're so cute omfg, thank you again, adoro-te ♥

    and oh, thank you everyone~


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