Review: TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint (With Lip Swatches)

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Time for my first beauty post! Today, i'll be doing a review of TonyMoly's popular Delight Tony Tint!

Product Description and claims:
Delight Tony Tint is a replacement of CatChu Winky Tony Tint. This new tint has been improved while colours remain same as old version. Particularly, the tint liquid is more creamy than the old one. 

-Comes in three colours (#1 Cherry Pink, #2 Red, #3 Orange Cha Cha) 
-98% of moisture base
-Botanical oil prevents from drying and keeps moisture on lips
-NO: benzophenone, animality and talc
-Fresh an sweet fruit scent
Volume: 9ml

Main Ingredients:
-Rose hip oil
-Jojoba oil
-Argan oil

This tint has a very fruity and sweet smell. Not many people would dislike it, I personally love it and feel like eating it every time I put on this tint. If you know what grape candy smells like, then that is what I would describe it as :)

Very liquid but yet with some jelly-like consistency. Very light-weight.

How it looks:
At first it looks quite shiny, but after some time it starts to dry up matte.

Lasting ability:
If you don't eat anything, one good coat of this should last you almost the whole day. However, if you do eat, the outer part of the lip will start to loose it's colour and after a few hours (5-6) you will only have a ring of colour in the inner part of the lips (picture on the bottom)

Definitely on the cheap side. Depending on where you get it, the price can range from $2 to less than $10. If the product is more than $5, there should be shipping included or something, because the product itself ranges around 2 to 4 dollars. I got it the tint in a trip to Korea, and I believe it was 3,00 won.....I think.....yes. 

This is how the applicator looks. It's a doe foot applicator, and usually comes with too much product so I would recommend swiping some of it off before applying on the lips. 


L to R: Cherry Pink, Orange Cha Cha, Red
Left: Normal swatch Right: After swiping off the access

Lip Swatches

(click to view full size)

Here, I applied a little bit on the centre of my lips and tapped my lips together. If you wanted, you could pat some concealer on the outer parts of the lip for a more gradient effect.

(click to view full size)

Here, I applied one full coat of lip tint to my whole lips. You could build up more colour by letting the first coat dry for a few seconds and add another layer. (The tints may look quite patchy if not applied carefully.)

Zoomed out
(click to view full size)

As you can see, the colours are very bright and vivid. 

The top cap is in the shape of a heart! How cute ^_^ 

This is what my lips look like after the tint has faded away. Even when I removed it with makeup remover, there still was a "ring" of tint in the inner part of my lips (which can be very unflattering.....) So yeah, beware of that. 

-Super pigmented
-Very cheap (can get in koreadepart for about 2USD)
-Nice and simple packaging
-Easily buildable
-Very nice scent and flavor
-If applied enough, it can be pretty long-lasting

-After a few hours it leaves that ring of tint on my lips that I dislike
-It stains your fingers and hands so you have to be careful
-Even though it claims to be moisturizing, I find it to be pretty drying
-If you have chapped and flaky lips, the tint can sting a little
-Not easy to apply, you for sure need a mirror and even then it can look patchy sometimes.

At first I didn't love this product, but the more I use it the more I like it. If you use it properly, it can be a pretty amazing lip tint! Definitely recommend it, for the price it has it is SO worth it.


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  1. Hi! :) Thank you for the comment you left on my blog! My follow gadget is broken but we can follow each other on bloglovin if you want to :)

    I have this tint as well and I love it tbh :D


    1. Great! I'll follow you when it works again :D In the meantime, we'll just be bloglovin friends :P ahahahaha

      Yeah, i'm currently obsessed with it!!

  2. Great selection of colors! I really like Tony Moly :D
    Celestial Love

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  4. you look great with the orange one~ looks so pretty ♥

  5. That's just the review I needed, thank you so much for the great post. Love how well you can compare the colors side by side!

    ..I just ordered both Red and Orange, in case Red turns to cool/pink for my liking and I'm kind of going for a poppy red. With these affordable prices you can afford to try more than one at once imho.
    I was hestitant about Tonymoly as I wasn't happy with their Cherry Pink Cat Chu Tint which I found to be completely watery, I like a bit of a creamy gel-feel to tints.

    1. I'm glad it was useful!!
      I think the red is sort of poppy-is, but it might be a little pinky as well~
      Yeah, this tint isn't so watery, I think you will like it :D

  6. Hi byut,, nice review!^^
    I see that you're reviewing the peripera tint water as well, I currently using it, and I really love it <3
    Iam looking for another tint water, I see that this tonymoly is more creamy, right? and for you which one is better?

    1. Both of them are absolutely great, but I think I might prefer the tonymoly one, not sure why ahahahaha

  7. I just bought this product in the shade #2, and I love it. I love how beautiful it looks on my lips, but when I brought it with me, it split all over my purse. Did this happen to you when you put it in your purse? I just want to know if it's just mine lip tint or did it happen to everyone who bought this product.

    1. Glad you like it!! No, it didn't happen to me! That's very unfortunate :(

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  8. i really love this tint i have the red one and i want the orange but i think maybe the color don´t look natural in me D: btw i like you blog greetings from mexico :)

  9. How do you "use it properly" so you don't get that ring around the lips look? Want to buy but DEF don't want that! Thanks

  10. Nice! Thanks for the review! I loved the Orange chacha! I will take a look *-*

  11. Hi! I love your review~ anyway, can you please recommend me which shade I should choose? I'm an asian but I have a rather dark skin, i want to try buying the Red one, but I'm afraid it's too red and it might look too bold on my lips. Is it really red or does it have a little pinkish shade?

  12. Thanks for reviewing!
    It looks good.
    Your lips looks so freaking cute!!! So chubby (:



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